Dare to Dream

school_crestThis is the school where stars and champions are born, and anchored on values.
We hope to inspire in them the passion for life-long learning,
ability to adapt to changes and imbue in them the desire, discipline and dedication as a committed individual with a global mindset.

The Letter “I” which begins from the base as a stroke of a paint brush represents the importance of
being anchored on values and purpose. As it reaches the top, the digitized format represents being relevant to the present and ready for the future. The orange colour symbolizes the vibrant and dynamic environment in the school. The Red Star which is dancing and rejoicing represents a bright and happy pupil of Innova celebrating success.  It embodies the Chinese name of Innova, 烁小 which connotes the potential of the pupils to be “bright and shining stars”.

The school motto "Dare to Dream" in italics represents the spirit of Innovation and Enterprise,

where our pupils continually make things better through experimentation, creation and innovation.

School Song

We aim for excellence with the base of integrity
We are young
We dare to dream
We do believe
We’ll be champions of character
To always strive to be better
We serve our Nation with pride and passion
Regardless where we are

We have the strength to persevere
We know we can achieve
We are young
We dare to dream
We do believe
We will be champions of change
We can rise to challenges
We will realise our potential
Let’s lead by example

Innova is our name
This is the school to be
Working hand in hand
Help each other to succeed
Innova is our name
i-STAR in you and me
Together we create
Our future for all to see
We Dare to Dream