Counselling at Innova Primary School

The full time school counsellor helps students with problems, needs and difficulties. She provides a positive, neutral space for discussions with individual student and with groups of students through listening and developing awareness and guides the students to explore choices, seek workable solutions, realize their responsibility and resolve to solve the problem(s), gain confidence in their ability to self-manage and / or finding closure.

Aim of Counselling

Counselling is ultimately about seeking change.


Means not revealing what was discussed in the counseling sessions to others. However, there are exceptions to this if the student is in danger of harm from self or from others. Discussions will be carried out with the student on when, how and to whom to reveal the information so that the student will not feel disempowered. The school counsellor is also professionally and morally obliged to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Ultimately, disclosures (when deem necessary) are always done in the best interest of the student.
Referrals to the school counsellor can come from
  • Principal and Vice Principals
  • Year Heads
  • Form Teachers and Subject Teachers
  • Self referrals by students themselves or discuss a referral with a teacher
  • Parents are welcome to contact the student's Form Teacher to discuss making a referral

Counsellor's postbox (for self referrals by students themselves)

Students may like to leave a message inside the school counsellor's postbox located outside the counselling room if they are feeling sad or worried and would like to speak to the counsellor. The Counselling room is located on the 3rd floor (General Office Block).  Next to the Staff room.