National Library Board (NLB)

Collaborate with NLB

We collaborate with the NLB to promote the love for reading in our students. The following are the activities conducted thus far.

Parents' Workshop: Raising Readers

Parents were given tips on how to encourage and expand reading habits among their children. These tips include pointers on how to create a literacy-rich home environment and how to follow up each book read with appropriate activities.


P1 and P2 students were given a story-telling 'treat' by the National Library Board (NLB). Different types of stories were told, ranging from traditional picture books to draw-and-tell stories to boost students' interest in reading.

Read Swap Share

In these sessions, students read stories, exchange ideas and pen down their thoughts about what they have read.

Books R Us Club

Reluctant readers participate in hands-on activities that are related to a good read.

Mass Borrowing

Our school collaborated with the Woodlands Regional Library (WRL) to promote reading. The WRL brought in books of various genres and for different reading levels to Innova Primary.