Robotics Club

Description of CCA

There is a selection test conducted for the new members.

Those joining the CCA will go through a series of training by teachers on small projects so that they can be familiar with the handling of lego, designing with lego etc. A small project usually can last a term of planning, designing, redesigning, making of structures.

New members will be enrolled into Junior Team first so that they can be trained in various skills of lego building/organization, handling of lego, developing their visualization skills (following the building manual) etc. We spent lots of time discussing ideas, planning and designing the appropriate lego structures before making any model. So he/she must to be able to draw and write their design on paper with their teammates.

Please expect that everyone will share resources with 3 or 4 members during CCA trainings. He/She must be able to work together, discuss and design lego structures together with teammates.

Parents should check and write a comment in the blog every Term to monitor their child's process.