Description of CCA

Netball is a fast skilled team that incorporates jumping, running and catching. A 12 player team, only 7 players play the game at any one time. The game is played in four quarters with a short rest time in between. Each quarter is played for 10 minutes.


Netball Academy Innova aims to provide opportunities to inculcate the importance and benefits of keeping a healthy body and mind. Through game play, pupils will learn to develop good I-STAR values as they learn to embrace sportmanship and fairplay. The Netball Academy hopes to give every individual player an opportunity to rise beyond one's potential. Through building one's level of confidence, self discipline and self-believe, pupils will grow not only in Netball but in every aspect of their life.


In netball, pupils will learn how to play a territorial game, which enables the pupils to design ways to move on the netball court once they have harnessed the necessary basic skills. New recruits will learn the basic footwork, throwing and catching. Activities are crafted based on the pupils' level of skill harnessed. All parts to this territorial game is steadily progressive to suit the pupils' needs.