Woodlands Ring Secondary School

Partnership with Woodlands Ring Secondary School since year 2012

Innova Primary Robotics Club is working closely with two secondary schools in Woodlands whose niche is in Robotics: Admiralty Secondary School and Woodlands Ring Secondary School.
Through the outreach sessions, our pupils have picked up new robotics skills, while as the student leaders from the secondary schools have the opportunity to fully run the entire programme on their own and build on their leadership / mentoring skills. Interest to learn from one another has been strengthened in the pupils during the outreach sessions and friendly matches.



Kariobo Outreach sessions at Woodlands Ring Secondary School (Term 3 2012)

In September 2012, we went to Woodlands Ring Secondary School to learn how to programme kairobo. As we do not have kairobo in our school, our teachers-in-charge were very surprised that we were able to read the map and programme the kairobo with the WRSS student mentors within 2 sessions!



Hybrid Car Challenge @ IPS in Term 4

Before WRSS Robotics group pupils embarked on their Thailand CIP trip, they came over to IPS to test out their readiness by conducting their planned hybrid car challenge with our young Innovians. During the challenge, they led our pupils in designing the fastest hybrid car with solar panel. The Innovians and WRSS mentors had to draw and cut out a suitable shape for the hybrid car and position the solar panel and tyres to make it the fastest car. The pupils had to use tools to put all the cardboards, Styrofoam, solar panel and tyres together. It was indeed a challenge as they had to use tools like penknife, superglue and soldering iron. Not only that, Mother Nature was not on our side that day. It turned out to be a cloudy day that day. As there was insufficient sunlight due to the clouds, the children had to overcome their problem by changing their hybrid car to battery-operated one. Then, they had a mini-competition to test out which car was the fastest and steadiest to reach the finishing line. All emerges as champions as they overcame the challenges faced for the entire day! Meanwhile, we wish them all the best in their upcoming overseas trip!

hybrid_car_challenge1 hybrid_car_challenge2