1. All Innovians are expected to abide by the stipulated general school rules.
  2. Pupils shall be present, punctual and be in the proper turnout for all mandatory school activities.
  3. Pupils shall exercise the I-STAR values when conducting themselves and when dealing with others (schoolmates, staff, vendors, etc.)
  4. Pupils shall treat the school environment and assets with respect and not to use them other than for its intended purpose.
  5. Pupils shall uphold the good name of the school at all times.


Please refer to the Innova Primary School Handbook for more information on school rules.



Definition of Homework
Homework refers to any learning activity that pupils are required by the school to complete outside of curriculum time. It contains an element of completion of written assignments and independent work/study in that teachers are not usually directly involved in the supervision.
Value of Homework
Role of pupils
Roles of Parents
Other Guidelines on Homework
Type of Homework