ICT Department

ICT Vision
ICT as a key enabler in transforming teaching and learning to achieve the school’s vision and to prepare our students well for the 21st century.

ICT Implementation Framework – SPINE
Safe and ethical Use (anchor on values)
Pervasive Use
INnovative Use
Effective Use

ICT Strategic Thrusts - M.A.P.S
1. Consistent Modelling - School Leaders and Teachers model the use of ICT

2. Enhanced Accessibility to ICT Tools
- Teachers and students will have greater access to ICT tools both within and outside classroom

3. Pedagogical Shift
- Rethink Teaching with ICT
- Collaborate with Researchers to improve classroom teaching with ICT
- Professional Development

4. Efficient & Effective Support
- Well-maintained Infrastructure & Equipment
- Ready support from ICT Personnel (TA, Multimedia Executive & ICT Executive)

'I AM A Young IT Whiz' Badge for all Primary 4 Classes
(Organised by Singapore Science Centre)

Our Primary Four pupils participated in the ‘I AM AN IT WHIZ’ programme organised by Singapore Science Centre. In this programme, pupils completed a task card which requires them to apply digital citizenship skills. A badge will then be awarded for every successful completion of the card.

It is reported that 12-year-old Singaporeans spend roughly 6.5 hours daily on electronic devices, with 77% of them actively using social media and chat apps. These activities expose our children to cyberbullying, online grooming and other online dangers.

Through this programme, we believe that pupils will develop the right Digital Intelligence (DQ) to form a healthy and resilient identity as digital citizens. This is our first year on the programme and we are proud to have been awarded 56 badges.

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