English Language Department


Every student a confident and proficient user of the English Language


To provide an environment that nurtures and inspires our pupils towards using the English Language to
express themselves confidently and proficiently

Curriculum Aims

"A Strong Foundation and Rich Language for All"
~Approach to EL Teaching from EL Syllabus 2010

  1. Build a strong foundation in language skills, grammar and vocabulary through systematic and explicit instruction
  2. Expose pupils to a rich language environment that allows them to:
  • use language in a variety of contexts
  • revisit language structures skills
  • see how language works


Language learning and teaching is anchored
on the STELLAR pedagogical frameworks for
lower and upper primary

We promote the teaching and learning of English using more speaking and listening activities.
Pupils learn about reading and writing using rich and interesting books, with discussions led by the teacher


More information here: https://www.stellarliteracy.sg/

Programme Aims

Sunrise Reading Programme for Primary 1 and 2 Pupils


Support pupils' development of reading readiness and word identification skills.

eng3 eng4

Pupils in their Sunrise Programme reading groups

Drama @ Innova Programme for P1 to 3 Students


Develop pupils' ability to communicate effectively and confidently
to convey meaning 
in acceptable English (Standard English).


Scope & Schedule
(Last session: Showcase to parents)

Level Schedule Scope
Primary 3 Term 1 Fridays Drama performance skills for Storytelling
Primary 2 Term 2 Tuesdays Drama performance skills for Readers' Theatre
Primary 1 Term 3 Tuesdays Drama performance skills for Choral Recitation


Primary 1 pupils rehearsing their performance

Students develop an awareness of spoken language features, voice quality, i.e. volume fluency and intonation
and the skills to deliver with confidence. They also build skills that teaches adaptability and teamwork as part of learning process.

Novel Study Programme


Develop students' critical reading and viewing skills and develop an appreciation of a literary text


We want to provide students with additional opportunities to:

  • Relate the issues presented in the text to personal experiences and real-life examples.
  • Develop understanding of the  organizational structure of texts and the artful use of language for impact.
  • Identify, reflect and discuss the meanings conveyed by characters in the text


Parents a Partners in Learning
As part of home support,

  • Have lots of books (including online books), magazines and newspapers in your home
  • Talk about the books and characters read
  • Give your child books/resources about their special interests


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Extracted from: discoveReads Portal hosted on NLB

Frequently expose your child to listening, speaking, reading and writing opportunities and activities rather than use of worksheets alone.


The International Online Essay Competition organised by MOE Malaysia

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SILVER Medalist - Shwetha Murthy 

BRONZE Medalist - Jannatul Naimah