Pupil Development Programme

Discipline Committee

This section is the school's Discipline Management Team and it plays a key role in the management of pupils with learning, behavioural and emotional needs. A timely and systematic identification, assessment and provision of support for pupils with such needs will maximize their chances of successful integration in mainstream schools and realize their potential in life.

The school's Discipline Management Team adopts a whole school approach in planning to ensure that these pupils with special needs are identified early and supported appropriately.



Prefects' Investiture 2017

Our school held our annual Prefects’ Investiture on 6th February 2017 during our morning assembly. We invested 34 newly-appointed Primary 3 prefects into the prefectorial board. We hope to be able to work together to lead, serve and contribute back to the school and the community. We look forward to your continued support.

Prefect investiture 1

Prefect investiture 2