National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC)

  • This year, 3 of our P5 students took part in the inaugural National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) organised by Crescent Girls’ School (CGS).


  • The theme for this year’s Challenge is ‘I Wish My Parents Knew…’. In a similar “By Youths, For Adults” approach, this year’s NCAC seeks to give primary and secondary school students an opportunity to design resources for parents’ use with guidance from MOE officers and experts from the industry.


  • They have gained the unique opportunity to let adults know how they would like to be engaged for Cyber Wellness in the following key areas:
  1. Social Media Influencers and,
  2. Popular News Media

  • Through this Challenge, the students will achieve the following objectives:
  1. To reach out to parents with the voices of children and youths,
  2. To empower youth advocates and impart Cyber Wellness principles and values, and
  3. To engage parents with practical parental strategies through a Cyber Wellness for Parents App (SG ConneXion App).


  • For the last part of the Challenge - Parents' Speak section, the students have created a step-by-step video showing you how to download the App on both Andriod and IOS platforms, as well as how to navigate through the App.

    All content will be made available on ConneXion app through the collective effort of Cyber Wellness Advocates from both primary and secondary schools. This app will be made available for all schools to further engage the parents and can be downloaded by members of the public onto their smartphones.