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ICT Vision
ICT as a key enabler in transforming teaching and learning to achieve the school’s vision and to prepare our students well for the 21st century.

ICT Implementation Framework – SPINE
Safe and ethical Use (anchor on values)
Pervasive Use
INnovative Use
Effective Use

ICT Strategic Thrusts - M.A.P.S
1. Consistent Modelling - School Leaders and Teachers model the use of ICT

2. Enhanced Accessibility to ICT Tools
- Teachers and students will have greater access to ICT tools both within and outside classroom

3. Pedagogical Shift
- Rethink Teaching with ICT
- Collaborate with Researchers to improve classroom teaching with ICT
- Professional Development

4. Efficient & Effective Support
- Well-maintained Infrastructure & Equipment
- Ready support from ICT Personnel (TA, Multimedia Executive & ICT Executive)