Table Tennis

Description of CCA

Training Dates

The CCA is held on Fridays, 2.30pm to 4.30pm in the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH). During the competition season, there will be extra trainings on Mondays (2.30pm to 4.30pm) for outstanding pupils selected as part of the school team. Please contact the teacher-in-charge for further details.


1) Mr Sean Lee
2) Ms He Jian
3) Mr Ng Chun Fung

Our Objectives

  • To develop our pupils into competent and confident individuals, capable of playing the game well
  • To cultivate their interest and passion for table tennis
  • To build and develop on their Social-Emotional competencies (Self-awareness, relationship management etc) and ISTAR values

What will our pupils learn?

Pupils will be taught basic/advance skills by an external CCA instructor, such as:

  1. Leg-works (forward/back paddle)
  2. Offensive strokes (Hit, loop, flip, smash etc)
  3. Defensive strokes (Push, chop, block, lob etc)


To understand more about the sport, you can watch a video as shown below: