Our Belief:
The PE/CCA Department holds a steadfast belief in providing a balanced, inclusive, and diverse variety of CCA programmes that caters to pupils’ broad spectrum of interests and talents.

Our CCA Programmes:
Our 21 CCA programmes in the 4 broad categories are as follow:

Sports Performing Arts  Uniformed Groups  Clubs and Societies
1. Athletics
2. Badminton
3. Fencing
4. Mini Tennis
5. Netball
6. Rope Skipping
7. Table Tennis
8. Volleyball
9. Wushu
10. Choir
11. Chinese Dance
12. Fusion Dance
13. Malay Dance
14. Harmonica
15. Brownies
16. Red Cross
17. Art Club
18. Avicenna Science Club
19. Calligraphy
21. Robotics Club


Our CCA Pupil Development Model:
Our CCA programmes are developed based on a progressive and differentiated pupil development model that ensures our pupils’ learning experience in CCA are:
-    pupil centric and personally meaningful,
-    structured where personal progress is charted, monitored and reviewed against rigorous standards
-    accumulative that leads to high level of application and achievement
-    focused on character development and service

Our Commitment:
Our CCA programmes strive to provide the nurturing necessary for every pupil to become a Champion of Character, Change and Citizenry in his/her unique endeavours in life.

IPS CCA Policy