Malay Dance

Description of CCA

It aims to impart the rich Malay cultural heritage to pupils. Pupils will learn the five basic Malay Dance steps which are mainly Asli, Inang, Zapin, Masri and Joget (Ronggeng) and incorporate them into a choreography. These dance steps highlight the movements and emotions of life in accordance to the Malay customs and traditions.

The CCA is also a platform for pupils to develop their I-STAR values of integrity, self-discipline, teamwork, adaptability and respect through Performing Arts activities and the weekly practices with their peers.

Through trainings and preparations for school-based and external performances with their peers, our Malay dancers are instilled with the school's I-STAR values of integrity, Self-discipline, Teamwork, Adaptability and Respect.

The dancers also contribute to the community with their yearly performances for events held at Ace the Place CC.