Description of CCA

The CCA is only for girls. We recruit girls from primary two and primary three. Brownies Programme has a prescribed syllabus to complete. Hence joining this CCA at a young age has it advantages. The girls can achieve more if they continue with the CCA over a period of 3 to 4 years.

New students are called Tweenies. We do allow all Tweenies to attend a maximum of 3 meetings before they confirm their acceptance. Upon confirmation all girls will be registered as members of Girl Guides Singapore. The membership fees is paid for by the school.

Once the Tweenies confirm Brownies is the CCA they want to be in they will go through a series of simple lessons and tests in order to be enrolled as Brownies. New members will be required to purchase the Brownie Handbook and scarf after the fourth week of training. They will be required to purchase the Brownie T-shift and Brownie Uniform closer to their Enrollment as Brownies.

Badges are awarded to Brownies who complete the tasks laid down in the Badge test-work prescribed by Girl Guides Singapore.

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We also have activities scheduled on Saturdays. There would be at least 3 Saturdays in a year where the Brownies would attend celebrations and competitions. Brownies will also be involved in Community services like litter picking, serving the elderly.

In addition, Brownies do perform for school based celebrations like the National Day and Deepavali. Extra trainings will be scheduled for such performances.

All Brownies are expected to be actively involved in our Annual Fund Raising Cookie Sale project which takes place in term 3 and term 4.

The teachers in charge of the CCA - The Brownie Leader (BL) and the Assistant Brownie Leader (ABL) requests all who intend to join Brownies to stay committed till the end. All the effort, time, resources and funds spent for the CCA are precious.