Avincennia Club

Description of CCA


Why Avicennia?

It is a name of a genus of mangrove tree. As with other mangroves, it occurs in the intertidal zones of estuarine areas, and has the characteristic aerial roots of mangroves. The Avicennia Club a green club that aims to nurture environmentalists through discovering our environment and learning to appreciate the ethics of conservation.


Teach, Learn, Engage

  • To engage students in learning about resources the school consume with aim in making consumption more sustainable
  • To collaborate with the community
  • To participate in competitions organized by schools and organizations so as to expose members to other ‘green’ methods of conservation

Using Resources Sustainably

  • To develop and implement a sustainable resource usage policy (Black Friday on the last Friday of the month) including a recycling program

Create a Green Healthy Space

  • To organize school garden projects that engages students and teaches about nutrition