Art Club

Description of CCA

The Art Club CCA provides an opportunity to hone pupils' skills, techniques as well as creativity in the art making process. Pupils mimic the process an art practitioner would take, from brainstorming, sketching, reviewing to actualizing the end product. We believe the process is as important as the end product. Through art explorations and self-expression, we seek to groom artistic talents.

Beginners will start off with drawing and painting with imagination, working on basic skills through explorations with different mediums. Intermediate and advanced pupils will attempt to inject emotions, thoughts and intent into their artwork. Pupils with a keen interest in Art are encouraged to join the CCA.

"Every child is an artist."

                                    - Pablo Picasso



Artist Mentor Scheme 2014

Last year, our pupils were particpated in the Artist Mentor Scheme. Mr Sujak, our artist mentor taught some of our pupils how to create vibrant batik pieces. It was a great learning experience for them as they became confident with tjanting and painting with batik dyes.