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We believe that Every Child Can Learn. Holding on to the “Flower Bud” mentality, we believe that some buds blossoms earlier while some buds blossoms later. As such, the Mother-Tongue teachers strive to provide the best for our pupils so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Our goal is to inculcate life-long interest and passion in the Malay Language and the Malay culture amongst the pupils with the hope that the pupils will embrace, impart and preserve the culture and language. Integrating Formative Assessment (FA), Differentiated Instruction (DI), CPS (Creative Problem Solving) as well as ICT in the teaching and learning of the Malay Language, we envisioned the pupils to be

Arif Budiman-  Insan Berilmu Pengetahuan yang Berbakti kepada Masyarakat’

‘Individual Excellence - Knowledgeable individuals that can contribute to the society’ by the end of their six years of education in the primary school.

Our Malay Language Teachers

ML Department Pic






Mdm Rafeah Bte Ali (Subject Head- ML)

Mdm Noor Ratnawati Osman (Senior Teacher)

Mdm Anisah Bte Mustaffa

Mdm Fatimah Bte Isnin

Mdm Haslila bte Tahir

Mdm Haslinda Bte Ibrahim

Mdm Monalisa Bte Mohamed Sudin

Mdm Rokaiyah Bte Mustakem

Mdm Siti Nurdianah Bte Md Muhdi

Pupils Competencies

 Acquiring language is a process that requires students to acquire the capacity to perceive and understand the language. In addition, pupils must use words and sentences to communicate. As such, these competencies are nurtured to our pupils so that they are able to acquire the language and will be able to use them in their daily conversation and communication, formally or informally. These competencies are:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
(i) Listening

  Pupils at every level will be exposed to listening to different kinds of text so as to increase their competencies in the listening skills. The lower primary pupils are exposed to short and simple text to level up their listening competencies. These exercises will be progressive so as to match their capabilities and readiness.

(ii) Speaking
(iii) Reading
(iv) Writing

E- Learning or ICT Proficiencies

To enthuse and engage our pupils in the learning of Malay Language, the pupils were exposed to an array of software programmes or applications. These include:

Parents who are interested to get access to this software are able to do so by providing a blank CD to the Mother-tongue teacher to be downloaded.
Interested parents can download the App through the PlayStore or AppStore.
Interested parents can download the App through the PlayStore or AppStore.
Lessons that involves the use of ICT will be structured to be conducted during the even weeks. Pupils will be given the opportunity to learn collaboratively through the use of several platforms such as the Blog or Padlet.

Our Activities

Mother Tongue Fortnight

The Mother-tongue department celebrated mother-tongue fortnight from Monday 4 July to Friday, 14 July 2017 spanning across two weeks of interesting activities.  The Malay Language department has always been providing many opportunities for pupils taking Malay Language to take part in both competitions or experiential learning so that they can immerse themselves in its culture and language.

The activities are:

1) Traditional games - congkak and batu seremban during recesses

2) Book Fair

3) Storytelling and book talk by National Library Board

4) Cultural Appreciation

  1. Traditional Kuih for P1 and P2
  2. The Mesmerizing Angklung for P3 and P4
  3. The Dikir Barat for P5 and P6

5) Enrichment Activities

  1. P2-Reader’s Theater
  2. P3- KEM TV
  3. P4- Cultural Camp- Malay Wedding
  4. P5- Jawi Calligraphy and Kite Making
  5. P6- Our Traditional Food (LJ to Mamanda)

6) Level competitions

  1. P1 singing competition
  2. P2 poetry competition
  3. P3 storytelling competition
  4. P4 ebook competition
  5. P5 drama competition
  6. P6 language competition


Hari Raya Exhibition
Enrichment Activites
P2 Speech and Drama
P3 ML camp TV
P4 Pulau Ubin
P5 Speech and Drama


Karya Minda Kreatif 2017

Organized by EDN-Media Consultant Pte Ltd

Six entries were also submitted for another creative writing competition held by EDN Media Consultants. We are still awaiting the results for this competition. We would like to wish our participants the best of luck awaiting the results.

You can read their composition by accessing this QR Code.


National Malay Writing Competition 2017
ZOOM Cabaran Bahasa 2017
Pintar Kata
Malay Language Poetry Recitation and Writing Competition
National Story Challenge Competition
Pintar App Competition