Chinese Department


Pupils who are effectively bilingual and rooted in traditional cultures.

To enthuse pupils through engaging teaching pedagogies in learning Mother tongue, so that they develop an abiding interest in the language and culture.

Ms Jessica Lai Mei San 黎美杉老师
Mr Dylan Soo Kiang Hong 苏建锋老师
Mr Lim Chain Koon 林剑琨老师
Mr Chin Jian Yuh 陈健玉老师
Ms Woon Mei Yiok 温美玉老师
Ms Teow Chiow Hua 张昭华老师
Mr Lau Kai Siong 刘开祥老师
Mr Chong Boon Hing 张文兴老师
Mdm He Jian 何剑老师
Mdm See Poh Bee 施宝美老师
Ms Lee Woen Shin 李文馨老师
Mr Pang Boon Seng 冯文昇老师
Mdm Pang Lee Yee 彭丽仪老师
Ms Er Kang Ning 余康宁老师
Ms Weng Ting Ting 翁婷婷老师
Mr Tan Yan Mong 陈燕谋老师


a. Chinese Department Activities
i. Chinese New Year Celebration
We celebrated Chinese New Year with plethora if performances by students, including Chinese Dance, Drama Skit and Sing-a-long sessions led by both the students and staff.
ii. P1 and P2 Speech and Drama programme
Our P1 and P2 students participated in a Speech and Drama programme where they learn to articulate themselves through drama skits. The programme ended with performances by the various classes in front of their parents.
iii. Enhancing Chinese Literacy with iPad (善用科技 爱识字)
The Chinese Department taps on the affordances of the technology to implement the programme善用科技 爱识字to level up the Chinese literacy of the pupils in the school. This programme aims to support the pupils in their recognition and writing of the Chinese characters. It also focuses on the correct pronunciation and intonation of the characters. The English captions alongside the Chinese characters further provide the pupils with the meanings of the characters. This programme offers opportunity for self-directed-learning as the pupils engage themselves to learn the stroke and pronunciation of Chinese Characters independently. Pupils have the flexibility to progress based on the assessment of their own learning. As a result of this customised learning, pupils are able to stay more focused. They are more confident and are more willing to learn Chinese.
2015 Taiwan Bi-Cultural Immersion Programme (30th May  – 7th June)
20 of our P4 students and 3 teachers embarked on a trip to Taiwan, Hualian for a bi-cultural immersion programme held at Donghua University Subsidiary Elementary School on 30th May. The students experienced the classroom activities that their Taiwanese counterparts go though in their classes. In addition, the students also visited various attractions and heritage sites and had fun with the various activities, which include making a sky lantern, clay sculpting and fishing.
b. Awards
i. YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards (MSA)
cl_award1 Anna Oh from 3F participated in 9th Mandarin Speaking Awards (MSA) organised by YMCA, Ministry of Education and Promote Mandarin Council. Despite facing stiff competition from other schools, she clinched second place in the competition in the Primary (Junior) category.