Red Cross (LINKS)

Description of CCA

Service and Solidarity Inculcation of Humanitarian Values and Character Building.

At the end of the 3rd year in Red Cross, the pupils are able to achieve the following:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Red Cross Knowledge
  • Basic Outdoor Activities such as outdoor cooking
  • Basic Footdrill
  • Able to contribute in Red Cross Service such as beach or park cleaning and donation
  • Participate in enrichment activities such as creating powerpoint slides for related topics and presentation, traditional games or outdoor learning journey
  • Participate in yearly RCY competition such as First Aid competition
  • Participate in school activities such as National Day


1. Red Cross First Aid Competition

Our very own Red Cross links participated in the annual National Red Cross First Aid competition on Saturday, 4th April 2015 at Toa Payoh HUB. Five participants who participated in the competition manage to put into practice what they have learnt during their CCA training, for example Basic First Aid skills. Even though they did not win any prizes, they enjoyed themselves and gained valuable experience.


2. Community Service @ Woodlands Waterfront - a joint effort with Brownies

On 16th April 2015, Red Cross links together with the Brownies did a community service at the Woodlands Waterfront. They did the park cleaning activities. Through this activity, they learnt how to keep the environment clean and green.



3. RCY World Red Cross Day Celebrations and Enrollment Ceremony

3 of our P6 Red Cross links attended the World Red Cross Day celebration on 18th April 2015, Saturday. The event was orgainsed to recognise the hard work and dedication of our graduating links. It is a day for them to celebrate. They really enjoyed the event.


4. RCY Award and Promotion Day

Innova Red Cross Unit is very proud to receive Silver for the Excellent Unit Award on 18th April 2015, Saturday. That day was also a day to celebrate the promotion of teachers who are promoted as Red Cross Youth Officer. Mdm Hasilila Bte Tahir was promoted as one of the Youth Officer for the link unit. At present, Innova Primary School has 2 Red Cross Youth Officer for the school unit. They are Mdm Haslila Bte Tahir and Mdm Haslinda Bte Ibrahim.


5. Enrichment Programme (Badminton)

- Peer Coaching from Badminton CCA players

Red Cross links have the honour to be coach by the badminton CCA players are a form of enrichment programme on 23rd April 2015. Through this healthy lifestyle activity, our links are able to learn new skills and interact better with their schoolmates.

rcy_badminton-1 rcy_badminton-2

6. Health Troopers' Badge Programme by Health Promotion Board

Red Cross links will be participating in the Health Troopers' Badge Programme organised by Health Promotion Board on 30th April 2015. This programme is offered with the aim of empowering Red Cross links with essential knowledge and life skills to leading healthier lives.

Inter CCA Collaboration (Brownies and Red Cross) 10 April 2014

Preparing ourselves for the visit at Sree Narayana Nursing Home for the Aged. The Red Cross links learnt new songs from the Brownies in order to entertain the elderly in the nursing home.


First Aid Competition - 15 March 2014 (Saturday)

A group of Red Cross members participated in the First Aid Competition held at Nanyang Polytechnic. Though they do no emerge as champion,
they gain some learning experience and learn to work with one another.


FLAG DAY in school - 27 to 29 January 2014

A group of Red Cross members participated in the First Aid Competition held at Nanyang Polytechnic. Though they do no emerge as champion,
they gain some learning experience and learn to work with one another.


VIA - 3 June (Food Packing)

Pupils supported the VIA programme and help with the packing of foods that will be given out to the needy.


National Day Observance Ceremony 8 August 2014

The Red Cross links took part in the National Day Ceremony as Flag Bearers. They were very proud to represent the CCA group on National Day.
It was a solemn affair and the pupils felt very happy to be able to contribute to the event.



Community Outreach Activity


Litter Picking @ Woodlands Waterfront, 27 March 2014
Visiting Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged, 23 May 2014